Miles Today: 5.6

Mile Marker: 685.6 Niday Shelter

I woke up this morning with my left ankle in agony. Any way I turned it caused shooting pains.  I rolled that ankle about a year ago on a canoeing and hiking trip, and it hasn't been the same since.  I'm not sure why it hurt so much this morning.  I didn't do anything differently yesterday that should have aggravated it.  It was a bit swollen the other day, and I did sleep on a slight decline.  Perhaps the blood pooled down to my feet.  Or maybe I slept at a funny angle with my foot pressed up against the tent oddly. Either way my ankle wasn't having it.

I took an Aleve and had a protein bar and waited.  Finally around noon I knew I had no choice. I was 5.6 miles from water and had to get there at least. I took two advil and hobbled my way around packing up gear.  It took me 4 hours to hike the 5.6 miles to the next stream.  I setup my tent and went and soaked my foot in the ice old water.  Then I went through my food bag and decided if I was careful I could make it 2-3 days if I had to.  I tried to charge my phone, but my battery bank went from 32% to 0% right after I plugged it in.  I guess that is the next piece of gear to replace.  I went to bed shortly thereafter and skipped dinner.  Rough day.