What a month and 400 miles looks like


Miles Today: 6.3

Mile Marker: 728.1 Howard Johnson

I got started around 6:00 this morning to try to beat the rain and get into town quickly.  Around 7:30 the rain came in buckets.  After about an hour the rain stopped, but the trail was still a marshland.  The trail dumps right into Daleville, and I made it to the Howard Johnson around 9:00.  They let me check in early and gave me a hiker discount.

I showered and set about getting my errands done.  I made it to the post office and collected my new shoes. (Thanks Sis!)  Then I went to the outfitter for a new shirt.  My old one had several holes already, but when the shoulder ripped out yesterday I decided it was time to let it go. Next stop was the BBQ joint for more meh BBQ.  I honestly thought the “Texas has the best BBQ” thing was typical Texas pride.  I knew it was great, but figured surely everywhere had some decent BBQ. but most of what I've tried has been a truly sad showing by comparison.  BBQ and tacos are top of the list of return home items.  Lastly was the grocery store for a resupply. 

I got settled into the room and was about to take a soak in the tub when I got a knock on the door. Forest decided to stay in town and asked if I wanted to split my room.  I said sure and let him take the bathroom while I collected all of my stuff I had exploded all over the room.  I've learned from Mom how to truly own a hotel room, but when Forest walked in all I could think was “Please don't tell people I live like this”.

Game plan is to keep the ankle iced and elevated and relax till tomorrow.  It has been okay, but I don't want to push it.  The new shoes also have more ankle padding and a more durable sole, so I hope that helps.