FAA Radar Golf Ball

FAA Radar Golf Ball

Miles Today: 12.4

Mile Marker: 766.0 778.4

Last night I tried to go to sleep just before 9:00,but as soon as I laid down I could hear footsteps in the leaves.  There were two sets, so I assumed they must be deer.  I turned on my headlamp and confirmed my suspicion.  They kept trying to get to the tree where I had hung my food bag.

I tried yelling at them, but they kept coming back.  I threw downed branches at them, they came back.  I hung my food bag higher to hopefully reduce the smell, they came back.  In an act of desperation I turned on my phone and played gunshot sound effects from YouTube.  Their response was to walk closer to the glowing screen.  Morons.  I eventually tried to ignore them, but they kept coming right up to my tent.  Deer have been know to drag backpacks away trying to get to hiker food.  Finally around 11:00 I had had enough.  I put my shoes back on, found several rocks, and spent way too much time trying to pelt them as I chased them further into the woods.  The whole situation is of course incredibly hilarious, but I got terrible sleep and was dragging all day.