What sort of monster stocks Pepsi as the only caffeinated drink? 

What sort of monster stocks Pepsi as the only caffeinated drink? 

Miles Today: 16.1

Mile Marker: 936.4 Pinnacle Picnic Area

I didn't sleep very well last night, and I had a hard time getting going this morning.  I made it to the next wayside around 10:00 and saw Hop Along.  I heard him head out before me this morning, but he must have booked it.  He had already eaten and gotten his resupply done as I showed up.  I got a solid breakfast and milled around looking for trail food.  I was in no rush as I wanted to give my phone time to charge.  I've wasted more battery on looking for signal in the Shenandoahs than anything else.  I get just enough for a text or two and then it cuts out.

Around 3:00 my brain started saying this is good enough, let's stop here.  It had been raining all day and I was particularly tired after the big day yesterday followed by little sleep.  For the next four hours I kept looking for a good spot to camp that was out of a restricted zone.  I had already decided I wasn't going to make it to where Hop Along was camping.  Just before 7:00 I realized I was almost there anyway.  Turns out Hop Along decided to camp in an area that was restricted.  Hopefully they are letting things slide right now because it is a Holiday weekend.  At any rate, we'll be gone first thing in the morning.  I was all excited to set up my tent in the soft grass when he tells me what happened while he stepped away.  Hop Along had found the perfect site, but headed up to the bathroom before setting up.  He came back and a freaking bear was standing right where he wanted to pitch his tent.  The bear saw him and ran off.  We camped there anyway, but hung our food way away from camp.