Miles Today: 21.8

Mile Marker: 806.7

Susan from the shuttle service came and picked us up promptly at 7:30 and we got moving down the trail at 8:15.  I drank one of the little cans of Starbucks Double Espresso before I started.  Between that and only hiking 6.5 miles yesterday, I was raring to go!  I made it to the halfway point by 11:30 and took a one hour lunch break.  I took two more 15 minute breaks later in the day.  The rest of the time I was moving.  I finished up around 5:00.  I stepped off the trail and got a hitch from the first truck that drove by.  A thing of beauty.  He dropped me off and asked if I had enough money to get a hot meal.  I assured him I did and thanked him for the ride.  I didn't catch his name, but so incredible of him to offer.


I crossed the 800 mile sign early in the day and snapped a picture, but it felt a bit like cheating.  Technically I wasn't at 800 miles just yet since I was going south.

It was crazy hot, but the trail was fantastic about 90% of the way.  Between that and hiking with basically no weight in my back, it was an amazing day.