Miles Today: 13.1

Mile Marker: 621.1

We got a little rain early this morning.  I packed up but left my tent up to dry, and headed to grab breakfast from the grocery store. I ran into Cotton and Fubar who got in this morning.  They were sleeping in their hammocks last night without their rain tarps.  When the rain hit this morning they immediately got packed and hiked three miles to the grocery store.  Normally they don't get started until 10:00 - 12:00.  Wonderwoman came up and we all hung out at the breakfast table discussing the 100% chance of rain today.

I ordered a double cheeseburger to go and got back to hiking around 10:00.  I made it to the Wapiti shelter 8.5 miles away by 1:00 for lunch.  Halfway through my burger it started to rain.  Shortly after Wonderwoman, Fubar, and Cotton caught up.  I hung out way too long waiting for the rain to stop and didn't get back on trail until 2:45. Wonderwoman headed out too, but Cotton and Fubar stayed behind.  As we were getting back on the trail we met Hickory.  All of us were going to head to the next shelter 9.5 miles away, so we hiked together chatting for a bit.  The rain held off for a while but eventually started back up for an hour or so.

About 4:00 I decided I was over hiking for the day.  It was still gloomy, and I was worried if I didn't stop soon I would end up being forced to set up in the rain again.  Normally I don't like stopping so early because I get bored in camp.  Especially if I'm camping alone.  I try to hike until at least 6:00 for that reason.  I checked my guide and saw a flat spot should be coming up in a mile, so I hiked there and hastily set up my tent.  Just barely beat the next round of rain.  I have enough snacks, and I'm going into Pearisburg tomorrow, so I'll likely skip cooking dinner due to the rain.  I cooked in the vestibule last time, but I spent the whole time paranoid I was going melt something or inhale dangerous gasses.

It has now started to pour down rain and is lightening.  Really glad I stopped when I did.