Miles Today: 3.6

Mile Marker: 240.3 Standing Bear Hostel

Quick hike into a quaint little place.  This is basically a slight step up from camping.  The toilet is still a composting privy.  The showers are in a detached shed, and one of them is actually an outside stall.  The one I ended up using.  Laundry is done by hand in the sink, but they do have a mechanical dryer.  Most of the lodging is in a cabin with twelve or so bunk beds.  There is also a one bed tree house, a one bed bungalow, and a two person cabin for extra.  I was lucky to snag the little bungalow in the back.  It's just big enough for a full size bed and has an extension cord running to it.  It has this great little porch hanging over a creek in the back.  Exactly what I needed.

It has a reasonable resupplying, frozen dinners, sodas, and beer for sale.  I hit all four and took it easy all day.  Back at it again in the morning.