About as clear as it got. 

About as clear as it got. 

Miles Today: 12.1

Mile Marker: 221.9 Tri-corner Knob Shelter

Got an earlier start this morning around 8:15.  Today's forecast calls for rain some time after 3:00, so it was the smart move to get to the next shelter early.  I made it in around 2:30 and was the fifth one here.  Hopefully a group of weekend hikers doesn't come and evict us (as would be their right) now that we're settled.

All day the hiking was foggy and windy.  We were definitely hiking in the “smoke” of the Smokies.  Everything was wet even though it wasn't raining.  The air was just thick with moisture and the winds were blowing all of the condensation on the trees onto us.  Not much in the way of views even though we spent a good chunk of the day on ridgeline.

At the halfway point I found a little area in the back side of a ridge to hunker down and hide from the wind.  It was a nice break to have some lunch.  Something about 20 mph winds whipping you in the face all morning that is a little taxing.

Once I got to the shelter the sun came out.  It's the ideal shelter.  Right off the trail, water  within 10 feet, and a nice privy.  Hopefully there won't be much snoring going on and I can rest up for a bigger day tomorrow.