Miles Today: 5.5

Mile Marker: 164.4 Fontana Dam

Last night I realized I made a strategic error.  In the Smokies you have to camp at the shelters.  I should have gotten to Fontana last night and headed into the Smokies today.  Taking the short day out of the NOC took me off schedule, but no regrets.  So that meant either nearo into Fontana today or do 18.1 to get to the Smokies shelter tonight.

I got into Fontana early in the day and figured Iā€™d make that choice after lunch.  I ran into Scooby and Moonshine again, and they offered to let me pitch in on their room for the night.  I ordered a beer at lunch and the decision was made.  Laundry, showers, and real food I don't have to cook.  Sold.

If all goes well, I'll be in the Smokies tomorrow.  You never know out here though.  I hope the weather holds and the skies are clear. Some of the best views in the South.