Miles Today: 14.0

Mile Marker: 158.9 Cable Gap Shelter

We woke up in the clouds this morning.  It was still cold enough at our elevation the clouds were dropping a bit of snow.  It was more like ice crystals than snow or sleet really.  After I headed down about 400 feet it all cleared up. I knew today was going to be a higher mileage day, so I took my time.  I got started around 8:15 this morning and rolled into camp around 6:15.  I figured it was the first nice day we've had in awhile, I might as well spend it strolling through the woods. I took several breaks and a power nap.

I caught up with a few people I hadn't seen in a couple of days along the way.  Chatted with Zach and Ali from trivia for about a mile until they hit their end point for the day.  I spend most of the day hiking in solitude though.  I don't really mind as I'm an introvert at heart.  It was good to have a little me time to recharge.

Just before I got to camp there was a guy wrapping up trail magic. I got two hot dogs sans buns and a piece of American Cheese.  Not a bad day.  

Because Uncle Larry asked, dinner tonight is a Knorr, butter flavored pasta side and two packets of tuna in oil.