Weird ice extrusions

Weird ice extrusions

Miles Today: 12.5

Mile Marker: 93.6 Carter Gap

Waking up and putting on clothing that is so frozen it can stand is a bit of a bummer.  Also walking around in crunchy boots for an hour until they thaw isn't great either.  I have a giant zip lock to put these things in so I can sleep with them, but I honestly didn't feel like making the space.  Won't make the same mistake tonight.  I did however sleep with my water filter, because if that freezes it's ruined.

Today was pretty uneventful.  Set off around 9:00 and got to camp around 3:30.  Everyone from the shelter last night made it up here too.  Someone managed to get a fire going, and we spent most of the time planing around and complaining about the weather.  Some people are escaping to town tomorrow afternoon.  I plan on doing a full day tomorrow and then a nearo (near zero mile day) and heading into Franklin on Wednesday and staying the night.  If the weather improves I may head back out.  Constant state of flux out here.