Miles Today: 11.5

Mile Marker: 42.9 - Low Gap

I got a late start out of Blairsville, and I didn't get on the trail until 10.  It only took me about 10 minutes to catch a ride into town from a nice retired guy named Dwight.  I grabbed a sewing kit from the outfitter along with a Cherry Coke and an Oatmeal cookie.

Today fully made up for yesterday.  The sun was out and the views were amazing. I took it easier today and made some adjustments to my pack, my shoes, and my hiking style.  I don't know if it was those things in concert or one thing in particular, but my knee did much better today.  My feet still hurt, but that will likely be the case until I just stop feeling them.

I ran into a few people, but for the most part I hiked alone the whole day.  I just pulled off to a shelter that sleeps 7 and there are at least an additional 30 tents out here with more people rolling in.  The hiking season is in full effect. 


Thank you to everyone for your comments. They are great to read, especially after a day like yesterday.