Someone showed me this video 700 miles ago, and I've been waiting so long to post it.  Props to Amplexus of the 2011 thru hikers for putting together this hilarious video. 



Miles Today: 15.9

Mile Marker: 1,095.4

This morning Cheese, Einstein, and I headed to a nearby park with a concession stand.  The stand said it opened at 11:00, so we took our time getting to camp.  We got there early and waited.  Ten minutes after 11:00 and the stand still wasn't open.  Magic Mick and Lady Bling showed up and we were still waiting.  A service truck drove by and we asked if the stand was open today.  He told us not until Saturday.  We were all crestfallen.  We asked if there was a burger place nearby and he said there was one right down the street.  Magic Mick asked if he would take us there.  He loaded us up and told the owner  Dwight said to take care of us.  Thanks Dwight!

A bacon double cheeseburger, bacon cheese fries, a Dr. Pepper, and a milkshake later and all motivation was gone.  The rest of the day had excellent weather and trail, but I was moving slowly.  Einstein, Cheese, and I hiked together the rest of the day.  Our goal was to make it to the halfway point today.  We made it there and were met with a wholly underwhelming sign.  There is a big official sign further ahead, but the mileage is off now.  The southern end of the trail has been expanded, so the real halfway point is now further south.  The sign we saw today is the temporary sign they move every year to mark the official halfway point. I think we'll see the permanent sign tomorrow.  Plus the half gallon challenge!