Miles Today: 17.1

Mile Marker: 1,040.9 Dahlgren Campground

Woke up to fresh waffles at the hostel.  Got ready and headed down to the bus stop.  It turns out we barely missed the bus and the next one was an hour and a half later.  Hop Along and I called an Uber instead.  It was $7.00 to go a mile down the road.  Ridiculous use of Uber yes, but I wasn't about to re-walk that mile through town with my gear.  We got started around 9:30.

Shortly outside of town we crossed over the Potomac River.  It was a couple of miles later I realized that was the WV/MD border.  Five states in the bank now.

The trail was really nice most of the day.  There were some rocky sections, and we got rain for about two hours, but the rest of the day was nice.  Half way through the day we walked through a state park.  Scoop, Hop Along, and Shogun were hanging out under an awning avoiding the rain.  I joined them and had lunch there.  While I was there Hop Along informed me Shogun is the guy who got kicked by a pony in the Grayson Highlands.  This kids is why you don't pet the feral ponies.

We were unsure of where to stop for the day, but Hop Along found a comment saying a pizza place would deliver to the next campsite.  That solved that issue.  We got in around 6:30 and ordered some delicious pizza and sodas.  Excellent first day out of town.