Shenandoah river.  This is what people aqua blaze down. 

Shenandoah river.  This is what people aqua blaze down. 


Miles Today: 8.5

Mile Marker: 1,023.8

I got up this morning ready to get to town.  I packed up and pulled our food bags down.  Me walking around woke Hop Along up and he let out a loud groan of resistance.  He was not ready to get moving.  He said he slept terribly last night.  Normally he's up and at ‘em before  everyone else and out of camp by 7:30 sharp.  We took our time this morning and decided to hit the store 0.30 miles off trail.  As we were loitering outside sitting on the ground a grungy truck pulled up.  We asked if they were heading our way and would take us back to the trail.  They said sure and gave us a lift back to the trail.  As soon as we hopped out in the trailhead parking lot someone called us over.  A hiker named Brooklyn and her mom had set up an excellent trail magic spread.  Brooklyn is hiking this year, but is actually on the trail back in Glasgow 240 miles south of Harpers.  She made plans to meet her mom in Harpers Ferry a month ago, but planning that far on the trail is essentially impossible.  The saying goes you can promise to meet a specific date but not a specific place or a specific place but not a specific date.  After hanging out there way too long we headed back down to the trail.

Around 2:00 we got to the edge of town and started walking through the historic parts of town.  Then we headed down to the ATC headquarters for the official check in.  I am currently northbound thru hiker 534.

Once we got checked in we headed to the Teahorse Hostel and got checked in for today and tomorrow.  Then we headed to an Italian place for some delicious pizza.  I've since spent the rest of the day laying in bed and relaxing. Looking forward to the zero tomorrow.