I snuck out of my camp site early this morning and walked a mile to the store to resupply.  Then I sat outside the post office waiting for them to open to get my shoes.  While I waited, I checked the tracking to discover UPS returned them as undeliverable.  Apparently this driver didn't understand the concept of handing the shoes off to USPS, since it was a General Delivery order.  Big bummer.

I headed down to the motel and worked on my blog and made some phone calls outside while I waited for everyone to wake up.  The owners came out and said good morning.  She apologized for being so rude last night and said they were just old and set in their ways.  She had been nothing but incredibly sweet to me, so I assured here that was not at all my impression.  They were both very kind and welcoming this morning.

Around 8:00 DaVinci and Hop Along came out and chatted while they waited for their bus to the city.  It was good to see them off before they left.  She cleaned their room for me very quickly, and let me check in just after 9:00.