This deer was totally unfazed by my presence.  

This deer was totally unfazed by my presence.  


Miles Today: 16.3

Mile Marker: 1,330.8 Mashipacong Shelter

Zero motivation this morning.  I didn't get started until 8:30.  Hop Along camped two miles south of us last night and had already caught up by the time I started hiking.  We caught up with Cheese and Einstein mid day at a tavern for lunch.  We ran into Tin Cup (the original) while we were there.  I haven't seen him since North Carolina.  Hop Along hadn't seen him in even longer.  We caught up for a while and then got going.

The rest of the day was a bit of a grind.  The trail is still rocky, but not Northern PA rocky.  However the rain is back and everything is slick.  I almost ate it three times today.  We got to this shelter and all decided there was no point in going another 2.6 miles to the next shelter.  It is located near a marsh and the mosquitoes are already unbearable.  No reason to camp near stagnant water.