Finally got a picture of a chipmunk.  Little buggers are fast! 

Finally got a picture of a chipmunk.  Little buggers are fast! 

Miles Today: 19.0

Mile Marker: 1,180.9

Last night was so unbearably hot and sticky.  I'm missing the dry heat of Fort Worth.  This 80% humidity is killing me.  We woke up to more heat and mosquitoes first thing this morning.  Finally got going at 8:30.

Early in the day I ran into Dr. Stretch and Trinity.  I haven't seen Trinity and MacGyver in 900 miles either.  They had to get off trail for awhile. When they returned they came back with their van.  Right now they are slack packing themselves by dropping him off north and her starting south.  They pass each other in the middle of the day and MacGyver drives back north to pick her up.

I hiked on until I stopped for lunch.  Trinity and Dr. Stretch took a break with me, and then MacGyver caught up coming southbound.  He informed Trinity he booked their hotel room for another night because of the heat and the concern of where he had to park his van overnight.  They invited Dr. Stretch and me to stay with them and split the room.  The hotter the day got the better the idea sounded.  I was going to camp with Hop Along, Cheese, and Einstein, but Cheese and Hop Along were still a few miles behind when we got to the road crossing.  I decided to split up to get access to all the comforts of the indoors.