Way over priced, but it was delicious.  

Way over priced, but it was delicious.  

Miles Today: 17.9

Mile Marker: 1,129.5

Last night I camped a couple miles behind Cheese and Einstein and knew I would need to catch up to them by lunch.  I thought ahead and bought a 5 hour energy when I got my sub.  I woke up ready to go, but it was raining.  Finally I sucked it up and packed up in the rain and got going.  I made it to Boiling Springs in town to meet them for lunch at an excellent pizza place.  The prices are already starting to reflect the northern inflation. It was $17.99 for the large stromboli.  It was delicious though.  After lunch we grabbed a light resupply and got back on trail.

About three miles later we ran into some trail magic.  Trailer Steve had drinks, fruit, and bologna sandwiches.  I grabbed a PBR and took a seat with Pie Trampus.  Later Otto, Cheese, Maggie Simpson, and Einstein showed up.  Maggie is Steve’s husband.  She is doing the trail and he is following along with their camper trailer and dogs.  We hung out there for about and hour and then I got going.

I made it to the Days Inn in Carlisle by 5:00 and got us checked in.  Showers and laundry were the order of the day.  Went to the diner for an excellent meal.  When we got back Cheese helped me track down the leak in my air pad.  I'm going to try some Tenacious tape I've got to repair it. If that doesn't work I'll get a proper kit the next time I'm near an outfitter.