Update: Google Docs had most of my blog entries backed up.  June is updated and so is most of July. 


Two days ago my water bottle with my filter attached fell out.  Yesterday my phone died due to the torrential downpours of rain.  I though it was protected enough.  I was wrong.  Last night a skunk kept me up trying to eat my backpack.  It came and harassed the three of us for several hours in the middle of the night.  Oddly enough we were camped in town not in the woods.  Thanks to Tom the amazing Trail Angel for letting us do that.

The one silver lining of the last few days, is I did finally catch my package from Granny.  Two amazing loaves of zucchini bread!!!  I shared with all of my friends, and everyone though it was incredible.  Thank you so much Granny!

I got a new phone today, and I'll get a new filter at the outfitter tomorrow.  I'm taking a zero day today cleaning up my gear.  I'm in Dalton Massachusetts.  Unfortunately with the death of my phone I lost all of my pictures from Virginia to here, and all of my missing blog posts.  This is what I get for not backing up regularly.  I'll send the phone home and try to revive it when I've got access to all of my tools. 

Tomorrow's a new day and things will work out.