Miles Today: 19.6

Mile Marker: 1,532.3

Per the usual I was the last one out of camp. Jaws had to head into Great Barrington to take a nearo and look for someone who could repair his bag.  I'll likely see him again as he is rushing to meet his parents up the trail shortly.  They are flying over from Israel to do the last two months together.  DaVinci also headed into Great Barrington for a nearo.  When I see him again it will likely be in a flash.  He's going back to 25 mile days after the nearo.

Later in the day I realized my town stop tomorrow to pick up a package won't work as a resupply. Literally the only thing in the town is the post office.  When we left the party yesterday everyone filled their packs with leftovers for their next leg.  I didn't think to check if the town was barren. Thankfully I realized in time to hop off trail and go into Great Barrington too.  I bumped into Squeaks and Mumbles at the grocery store who were in the same boat.  We caught a hitch back to the trail and hiked together for a bit.  Shortly after I ran into Wolfe who had come to the same conclusion and gone into an adjacent town to do the same.  Jetpack caught up, and was apparently the only one who didn't have to make a pitstop.

Wolfe and I hiked off and on together for the rest of the day.  He's getting off trail tomorrow to see is girlfriend for a couple of days.  He's got a specific finish date in mind, so I'll probably see him again before it's all over.