Miles Today: 18.9

Mile Marker: 1,477.5


This morning I got up with the goal of making it to Kent to pick up some packages.  I bent one of my trekking poles, and I was in desperate need of new shoes. I made it to town around 1:30. I was about to go in the outfitter when I got a text from Cheese saying they were in town and inviting me to Chinese food.  That turned out to be a mistake time wise. I was there for over an hour and a half because they were so understaffed.  The food was amazing though.  It was also most likely the last time I'll see those guys.  They are getting off for three days to go to a wedding.  This close to the end we probably won't ever sync back up.  I'll miss hiking with them.

I got back on the trail knowing I would need to do some night hiking. I didn't realize I was going to be doing night hiking in the rain.  I had dry feet for four freaking hours.  Then the skies dropped buckets on me soaking my new shoes.  On the bright side the hiking was all uphill.  After about forty-five minutes I made it to the camp site.  There was a nice pavilionwith a picnic table to get out of the rain.  I met a wonderful local couple who were out for the weekend.  We chatted about the area and my trip while we waited for the rain to break.  They gave me some fresh, sliced peppers and then in the morning some blueberries and strawberries for breakfast!  I'm sorry I completely forgot to get your names.  The treats and nice conversation completely turned around my soggy evening.  Thank you again so very much!