Carl's cook setup.  

Carl's cook setup.  


Miles Today: 11.7

Mile Marker: 1,786.6

This morning was raining and I did not want to deal with it.  I didn't get started until 9:30.  Everything was wet and miserable.  I was stomping through the mud and had zero desire to be hiking. 

I stopped at a road crossing for lunch around 1:00.  A truck pulled up and the driver asked if I would like a beer.  He gave me a Miller Lite and a sparkling lemon soda.  The sun came out, and things started to look up.  Shortly afterwards I ran into Ghost Hiker who said she was trying to make it to the Omelet Guy before 4:00.  It turns out there is a Trail Angel who sets up all season a tenth of a mile into the woods and makes breakfast for hikers all day.  He does scrambles or pancakes.  We rushed there and were met by the warm smile of Carl the Egg Man.  That’s not his actual nickname, but that’s what Princess Valdera called him, and it sounds funnier than Omelet Guy.  Especially since he actually makes scrambles and not omelets.

Carl made me a four egg scramble with fresh ham, peppers, onions, and cheese.  I also had several glasses of orange juice and a banana.  I hung out talking to Jager, Princess Vidalia, Thumper, Ghost Hiker, and Carl for over an hour.  I wasted so much time today, but it was totally worth it.  It was exactly what my psyche needed.