Cool looking fungus.  

Cool looking fungus.  

Miles Today: 15.4

Mile Marker: 1,758.8

It's been raining and overcast for what feels like forever.  I'm getting tired of waking up in the rain, walking in the rain, and then going to bed in the rain.  Thankfully today the rain stopped around 11:00, but it was still overcast.  Something about hiking in the shadow of dense clouds and thick canopy really bums me out.  It's hard to keep moving.  I'm really hoping the sun comes back tomorrow.  I may just lay out in it for awhile as I let all of my stuff dry.

Today I resupplied in Norwich and then walked through Hanover, home of Dartmouth.  I tried to get a new fuel canister, but all they had were the large ones.  I don't like carrying the large ones in general, but I'm at the point where I probably only need one small canister for the rest of the trip!  No sense in carrying around extra fuel for a month I can't fly back with anyway.  I grabbed a burrito to go and headed back out to the woods.

The trail was super nice today, and I had a decent day.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get in 18 or more.