Miles Today: 11.4

Mile Marker: 1,715.5

Last night I decided I was done with resting in town.  I decided I would go to bed early and wake up whenever I woke up.  That ended up being 9:00 AM.  I watched a little TV, ate the rest of the Chinese food I ordered, and took my time getting ready.  At 11:00 I checked out, dropped off someone's undelivered letter I found on the ground at the post office, and then started the 0.75 mile road walk back to the trail.  I got halfway there when I realized one of my trekking poles wouldn't telescope out.  I fiddled with it on the side of the road before I conceded I would need tools.  I walked back up the hill to the local outfitter and asked if they could help me out.  The  clerk was super helpful. She rounded up some tools and WD40 and let me use their workbench.  It took a little work, but I got it free.  The moral here is never store your poles dirty for very long.  Especially don't keep them stowed away for four days with 1,704 miles of filth on them.

The hiking was particularly uneventful. It sprinkled off and on, but nothing crazy. I was moving way off pace, and my feet were killing me.  I think they forgot what we are doing out here and allowed feelings back into themselves.  I finally convinced myself 11.4 miles with a noon start time coming off of being sick was acceptable.  Part of me wants to catch back up, but this close to the end I may never see Dr. Stretch, MacGyver, and Trinity again.  But forward progress is forward progress.  Back on our way to Maine!