Biggest tree on the AT! 300+ years old. 

Biggest tree on the AT! 300+ years old. 

Miles Today: 17.9

Mile Marker: 1,458.6

This morning the rain had stopped, but everything was still wet.  Including my hiking clothes. Nothing quite kickstarts your morning like putting on wet clothing and shoes that you know are going to stay wet all day.

Around noon I made the call to go to a deli.  It was 0.70 off trail, so a really long walk but too short to hitch.  I got a half pound burger with bacon and onion rings because another hiker recommended it.  I should have gone with my instincts and gotten a wrap. That burger sat in my stomach like a lead weight until about 4:00.  I hung out at the deli for about an hour as other hikers filtered in.  Circus, BR, 02, Pumba, Hawaii, and First Aid all came in.

After lunch the hiking was okay until about 2:00.  We got hit with a massive downpour.  It was kind of cooling, but I had a hard time seeing and was slipping all over.  Around 4:00 the rain finally broke.  I ran into Andes and her friend Kate at a road crossing.  I asked about her visa issue and if she was back on the trail.  She said no, they were just out for the weekend.  I welcomed her back and wished her luck in finding something soon.  They are camping through the Fourth of July and just having a good time. She seemed in good spirits, so I'm sure it will all work out.  We headed to the next shelter, and they gave Pumba and I a beer.  First Aid and Hawaii showed up, and we all moved on to the next shelter.  We were able to have dinner and get our food stored just before the rain started again.  It looks like we've got a pretty heavy system moving over us tonight.