Miles Today: 16.4

Mile Marker: 1,657.8

This morning I couldn't find the motivation to leave my tent. It wasn't particularly bad weather, the sun was out, I wasn't injured, but my feet weren't moving.  I snoozed several times. I downloaded podcasts. I browsed the web.  Everything except let the air out of my mattress and start to pack up.  I got rolling at the shameful hour of 11:00.  I guess I've finally grown so accused to my little tent and air mattress being home that providing there is a little bit of internet I can be just as lazy as I am in real life.  It felt like a Saturday morning for me.

Once I got rolling I realized I would have to pay the penance of some night hiking.  My plan was to get to town, get some burritos at Cilantro, resupply, and get back.  Along the way I bumped into Hop Along and chatted with him for a while.  He tried to get me to split a room in town with him, but for once this week I said no to temptation. I told him I was sorry, but I've been exceptionally lazy and needed to keep going.  We got to the road crossing and Rebel and his son Burps were there with Trail Magic.  Rebel’s wife had brought a cooler full of sodas and junk food for everyone.  I saw Dr. Stretch, MacGyver, and Trinity were huddled under an awning waiting out the rain and showed self restraint long enough to talk to them. They had already been in town, eaten, resupplied and were heading back out.  We talked time table and decided we would meet up in Killington if I hadn't caught them before.  I headed back to Trail Magic and inhaled a Hostess cupcake and  Barq's root beer.  I also bumped into One Gallon while we were all indulging.  Serendipitously a car pulled up and offered us a ride.  Hop Along and I crammed in with a couple hiking the Long Trail and were off. (The Long Trail runs from Canada to Massachusetts and is around 270 miles. 105 miles of which run along the AT.)

I got my burrito, my to go burrito, and my resupply and headed back to the trail.  I caught a hitch very quickly and was back at it around 5:00.  I night hiked for nearly an hour and got a good spot at a peak, set up camp, and demolished my to go burrito.

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