View from the fire tower.  

View from the fire tower.  

Miles Today: 10.4

Mile Marker: 1,621.0

Last night MacGyver said they were going to start calling themselves The Temptations because it is so easy to get derailed when there is access to the van.  He's not wrong.  This morning their plan was to drive their van a week or so up the trail and return the rental car.  Also a van.  MacGyver was going to drop Stretch and I off on the way so we could get a full day in.  When that time came neither Stretch nor I were feeling it.  Very quickly we talked each other into staying longer so we could do laundry and relax.

We got laundry done and hung out.  For lunch we hit up the Pizza Hut lunch buffet.  Shortly after MacGyver and Trinity showed up and joined us.  We dropped the rental car off and got a ride back to the trail.  1:00 start time.  I think that might be a new record.  We got to the first shelter before 6:00.  Everyone wanted to hike on for another hour or so.  We made it 0.30 miles up the hill to the fire tower.  There was excellent camping.  Then Trinity pointed out it sprinkled a little bit.  We concluded stopping here was the right choice. As I was writing today's post I realized we've had two pitiful days and said we need to step it up.  MacGyver pointed out I'm looking at it all wrong.  We had two nearos which is like a full day and a zero.  So really we did over 20 miles, which is a great day.  I like these people.