Well the journey is finally over.  Physically my body is happy to be off the trail, but mentally I already miss it.  Right now I'm in North Carolina hanging out with Mom, Rick, and Granny.  Mom has been keeping me full and Granny has been keeping baked goods on hand and Rick has been ensuring we're stocked with all of the ingredients and libations we need.  There is a rumor Granny will also be making biscuits and sausage gravy in the morning.  Life is pretty good right now.  I'll be heading back to Texas soon, and then I'll really have to re-enter reality.  I'm going to have to find a job and a place to live pretty soon.  Then it will really feel like this trip is over and just a distant memory.  

Thank you to everyone who followed along and supported me along the way.  It took an army of help to get me from Georgia to Maine.   I've also gotten a ton of supporters who have already lined up to help get me from hobo back to a productive member of society.  I would like to thank everyone individually here, but I know I'll accidentally forget someone.  I will be thanking each and every one of you personally though.  

However I would like to give one special thank you to my buddy Brandon Cox.  Thanks for getting me hooked on backpacking.  I hold you personally responsible for this crazy trip; in a good way.  

I also have one special apology to make to Josh Bowman.  Josh for 175 days and 2,189.8 miles I was Squatching, and I didn't see a single Squatch.  I also didn't manage to see a single moose despite seeing tons of moose droppings, so maybe I'm not the best Squatcher. 

Once again thank you all for following along on this insane journey with me.  If you have any questions about the trip or anything you'd like to know feel free to ask in the comments below.  I've got plenty of time in my hands.  Or if you prefer you can reach me directly through the "Contact" button in the upper right of the page or by emailing freeontheat.me@gmail.com.


And just for fun, here is all of the destruction and loss from this trip:



Fossil Creek Dental Hat

Space Pen


Deuce of spades

Second poop trowel

Third poop trowel

15 feet of bear line to stupidity the first day

Water filter and water bottle (this one really sucked)

Ear Buds - Panasonic

LifeProof case headphone adapter

Toothpaste and toothbrush



Altra Lone Peak 3.0 high tops

Brooks Calderas

Brooks Cascadia 12s - 3 pairs

Trekking pole tips - 2 pairs

Darn tough socks - 2 pairs

Synthetic socks - 3 pairs



Smartwool T-Shirt

Icebreaker T-Shirt

Soffee running shorts

Ripped several holes in backpack outer mesh

Aqua Clip

Ear Buds - Samsung

Ear Buds - Panasonic

Ear Buds - Generic from the grocery store

USB Cable - Amazon

Other Glove

Bent Leki trekking pole

Hip belt pocket strap and zipper broke

Tent Mesh netting

Two holes in Thermarest mattress

Carbon fiber support in backpack

Hole in Sea to summit food bag

Nexus 6 water damaged

Marmot rain jacket velcro fell off

Big Agnes Fly Creek UL seams came un-taped