Miles Today: 10.1

Mile Marker: 1943.0

This morning I got up bright and early and was the first one at breakfast right when the Red Hen opened at 6:30.  They graciously allow us to camp in their backyard for free, so it wasn't that tall of an order.  Cousin Eddie joined me, and then Cheese and Einstein showed up.  I hung out with them until everyone was finished, and then I got my resupply.  I was about to hitch when I noticed how strong the Red Hen’s WiFi was.  It was insanely fast.  In rural Maine they had better internet connection than I did in Fort Worth.  I decided to carpe diem and update my blog and load up on podcasts and music.

Around 9:30 I started hitching.  I got a hitch rather quickly from a couple in town to do some hiking and look at houses in the area.  I was looking out for the trail because it just crosses the road with no trailhead and they weren't local.  I spotted it and they let me out.  About a minute later I realized I jumped the gun.  They were already long gone when I realized.  I was four miles from where I needed to be.  It took over and hour before I got another ride.  It was from a flatbed truck with some 2x4 hand built railing.  That was the only time I've ever been unnerved by riding in (on) the back of a truck.  The guy got me exactly where I needed to be though.  Turns out there is a giant AT symbol painted on the road just before the crossing.  Who knew.

I had every intention of continuing my chase to catch up with the crew when I hit the trail.  The trail was giving little resistance, but my body was putting up a pretty good fight.  I was incredibly exhausted and moving slowly.  You would think 2,000 calories of breakfast would have gotten me going.  Around 6:00 I started thinking about going back into town instead of going up the next mountain.  At 6:30 I hit the road crossing and figured I'd give it a try.  After all Hop Along would be in town and Einstein said the pizza was amazing.  Why not throw in the towel after 10 miles.  I caught a hitch fairly quickly from a nice family from New Hampshire out on a week long vacation.  So here I am again. Back in Andover. Stuffed full of pizza and self promises of “we'll just hike harder tomorrow.”  At least one of those two is tangible.