Miles Today: 15.5

Mile Marker: 1,932.9

Today was a rough day.  Last night I slept up on an exposed ridge due to a lack of options.  I also lost one of my ear plugs somewhere along the way.  The loud wind made it hard to sleep.  My goal today was to make it to Andover.  There are two jump off points.  Cheese, Einstein, and Eddie were also going in but from the northern point.  If I could get to the southern point I could give Cousin Eddie back her phone she left at the hostel in Gorham.

The trail and weather cooperated for the most part.  Some of it was tricky, and it rained part of the day, but mostly it was good.  At the end of the day I ran into Hop Along again. It was great to see him, but I had to keep moving.  Hopefully I'll see him again tomorrow. Rambo and Canada were also camped out there. The hitch from the southern point was really difficult.  Especially since I got there just before sunset.  Thankfully Tom pulled up in a beat up old Tacoma and gave me a ride. Super cool dude.