Miles Today: 13.1

Mile Marker: 1,881.6

This morning I woke up and hiked two miles to Pinkham Notch.  I got the the Visitor Center five minutes after they closed the breakfast buffet. I was able to finally buy a new fuel canister though.  I also bought a Dr. Pepper and ate some of my snacks.

At 2:30 I caught up to Cousin Eddie and Cheese at the hut.  I bought a bowl of soup to warm up and had lunch.  They left before I did, and we agreed on a general meeting area.  I caught up to them at 7:30 and was glad to be done hiking. We made it through the Wildcats range today. 

Unfortunately there was no nearby water source, and I had less than half a liter.  I finally had gas to cook with but now was missing water.  I ate some snacks and sipped a small amount of water instead.  We have ten difficult miles in the morning before we can get to the hostel. I think I'm going to have to break down and take a zero too.  I'm beat.