Miles Today: 21.1

Mile Marker: 2,033.3

This morning I got a text from Cheese with an update of where they stopped last night.  They had made it an additional five miles further than where they initially planned.  I looked at the elevation profile and decided today was the day I could catch them.  There were a few bumps but mostly rolling terrain with few obstacles.

I stayed on it all day.  The forecast had the threat of rain all day until 6:00 when it was guaranteed.  Maine finally cut me some slack and held the rain back until 6:00.  I hiked another hour and a half before I decided I was done.  It used to stay bright until nearly 9:00.  Now it is dark by 7:45.  If I had another hour of sunlight I definitely would have caught up. I didn't feel like hiking in the dark another hour and then setting up in the rain.  At 7:30 I found a decent spot and set up.  It was still raining, but at least I didn't need my headlamp.

It did feel good to break 20 for the first time in a long time though.