Miles Today: 11.8

Mile Marker: 336.5 No Business Knob Shelter

Today I had to finally leave the life of luxury I had been living.  No more gorging on food all day, no more comfy bed, no more fireplaces, no more cocktails, no more TV, no more Internet, and no more time with Mom and Rick.  Sad day.

By Thursday I had been getting antsy to get back on the trail, but when this morning got here I wasn't feeling it.  It was still cold and the ground was still covered in snow.  After about the first half mile the hesitation was gone, and I felt right back at home.  I crunched through snow for about the first five and a half miles until I started to get into some thaw.  By 2:00 I was sweating wearing only a t-shirt with my pants legs rolled up.

I honestly thought after five days off and new shoes I would tear up miles the first day back.  However after about seven miles I was starting to feel worn down and sore.  It felt like starting all over from the beginning again today.  Hopefully my body bounces back quickly and I can start ramping up the miles.  I'm also carrying more food and fuel than I usually do, so maybe that's a contributing factor.  Either way it will work out.