Miles Today: 14.3 

Mile Marker: 578.8 Jenkins Shelter

Last night my hiking clothes got drenched, and I wasn't particularly excited about putting them back on this morning.  I got up and strung a clothesline using my bear line and hung everything to dry.  Then I went back to bed.  Around 11:00 I decided it might be a good idea to get going.  I finally got hiking at noon.

I planned on hiking 16 or 17 miles today, but Tailgate and Pogo talked me into staying at the shelter tonight.  My plan was to only have 10 miles into Bland, VA (real name) tomorrow.  I wanted to get there by lunch so I could hit up the DQ and get a Hunger Buster with cheese and a Blizzard.  Now I have to hike faster or just eat later.  I'll resupply in Bland and then head back out.

Hiking today wasn't too bad, but it was hot.  I ran out of water for a couple of miles.  Thankfully the next spring I found was nice and cold.  Despite the late start, it was a pretty decent day on the trail.