Miles Today: 0.2

Mile Marker: 532.6 Mount Rogers Visitors Center

This morning I got up and had the grueling task of hiking 0.20 miles to the Visitors Center to catch the bus into town.

Normally I don't write about zero days, because I use them as a break from as much as possible.  I love writing the blog, but it takes time, and sometimes I need a break from it too.  However since yesterday was so terrible, I didn't want to end on a sour note.

I made it into town early and got a room by myself at a motel.  A luxury I've been avoiding to save money, but today I needed it.  My last zero I actually paid $10 to tent in the lawn.  No real bed, but access to a shower and laundry.  The manager of the motel here was nice enough to let us check in early and double dip on breakfast today and again in the morning.  After breakfast I grabbed a shower and made a couple of calls.  Then I headed to an all you can eat buffet with Tailgate and Catch Up.  Next we took care of our resupply.

Now I've got all of the chores that come with a zero day.  Even a day off from hiking isn't really a day off.  First I usually start by updating the blog send replying to messages I've missed if I have time.  Sometimes I have to wait to respond to the comments. As an aside on comments if you register an account with an email, you'll get notified when I reply.  Then I've got to pull all my gear and clean and dry it.  Just about everything I have is soaked through right now.  This means emptying every little pocket and bag out all over the place to ensure it all dries.  While that's drying I'll start repackaging all of my food and getting it ready to go.  Lastly I'll do laundry.  Since I'm staying in a motel and not a hostel, I'll just hand wash it in the sink.  Let me tell you nothing gets you quite so acquainted with how filthy your clothes are like hand washing them in the sink.  Once that's all done, I'll take another shower, watch TV or browse the web for a couple hours, and then I'll head to bed.  Tomorrow morning will consist of repacking all of my gear and triple checking I have everything before returning to the trail.