Miles Today: 16.7

Mile Marker: 518.4

I woke up this morning to a bit of sunshine and a mostly dry tent.  It rained heavily last night, so I was glad to see the dry rainfly.  Once again it started to pour as I started hiking.  About 4 miles in I ran into a group of 3 guys heading South who said “Eggs, bacon, and beer” and pointed behind them.  I quickened my pace and made it down the hill just as the rain took a break.  The guys running Trail Magic had a massive setup with a grill, several ice chests, tons of chairs, and tarps covering everything.  They told me I had just missed breakfast burritos and it would be a while for lunch, but to snack on whatever I could find.  I was eating some little Debbie's and chips when one of the guys offered me some cherries from a jar.  One whiff confirmed my suspicions.  More moonshine.  Then one of the guys realized they had a pot of boiling water still on the fire, so he threw in some hot dogs for me.  I hung around for a bit snacking and eating a couple of hot dogs before I headed back out.

The rain must have sensed my unabated forward progress because it came back in full force.  It rained for the next several hours until I got to a shelter with some other hikers and took a break.  They all decided to stay there for the night, but I pressed on.  Thankfully the rain transitioned to light misting the rest of the way.  I was able to get my target mileage in, find a campsite with water, and set up while it is still dry.  I got dinner cooked too, but it started to rain again before I could eat.  Dinner in the tent again.  Tonight and tomorrow hold a forecast of 100% rain with 2 to 3 inches expected. It also says “The rain could be heavy at times.”  I can't wait…

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