Miles Today: 15.8

Mile Marker: 485.0 Lost Mountain Shelter

I stopped for breakfast at Mojos and had an excellent omelet with toast.  Then I did my subway resupply and packed out a foot long with nearly every vegetable they have for lunch and dinner today.

About thirty minutes into the hike it started to rain.  It was consistent for about two hours.  Not quite a downpour, but enough to warrant the rain jacket and hood so I could see.  After the rain broke the skies opened up into a beautiful day.  Sunshine the rest of the way.

Along the way there was a detour from where the bridge washed out.  The sign said it was a notice from 2014.  They also had added permanent plastic signs with arrows navigating thought the detour.  After three years and permanent signs being added that seems more like a reroute of the AT than just a detour.  Shortly after I made it back onto the regular AT I stopped for lunch and ran into Tailgate.  His first response was “I didn't think we had to ford a river until Maine!”  I started laughing and explained there was a detour he missed.  Since he was already drenched from the rain he walked through the river with his waterproof boots on.  Props to him.  I'm still glad I took the detour.

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