Miles Today: 10. 4

Mile Marker: 469.2 Damascus, VA

Last night and this morning we got a bit more rain.  I sloppily packed up my tent because I knew I would be in Damascus by lunch.  There is a chance I'll have to tent at one of the hostels, but I'll deal with that when I get there.

Today I crossed over into Virginia.  Three states down, nine to go.  Virginia is the longest state.  I won't cross another border for about another 550 miles.  More than I've hiked so far.  Many people report the “Virginia Blues” because the terrain can get boring and there aren't any milestones.  

I stopped at the post office and picked up my package with two pairs of shorts, my hat, and a surprise from Aunt Mary and Aunt Jane.  They included some pecan praline cookies for me!  I ate one while I walked to my lunch spot.  The shorts are a huge relief as it has already gotten so hot.  Rolling up my pants helps, but they are still way hotter than shorts.  I'm also stoked to have this hat.  It was a gift from my dentist Dr. Kirkham before I left.  He and my Hygienist Holly were both incredibly excited and supportive of this hike.  They loaded me up with all sorts of toothpaste, floss, and swag before I left.  If you're  near the 76137 area code, Fossil Creek Dental is THE dental office to go to.  And while I can be bought, it takes more than a free hat and toothpaste.  So I say that without any paid bias.  They really are great.

Right now I'm waiting for the burrito place in town to open up.  It appears 90% of Damascus is asleep until noon.  Once I get some food on board I'll figure out where I'm going to sleep, take a shower, do laundry, knock out a resupply, and then hang out the rest of the day.  I may stay tomorrow and zero, but we'll see.

Update: The burrito had mushrooms in it, and when I asked for hot sauce they brought me Siricha.  At a Mexican restaurant!  Things are strange and scary here in Virginia.