Snack break spot. 

Snack break spot. 

Miles Today: 15.4

Mile Marker: 390.7 Doll Flats (NC/TN final border)

Today is what hiking this trail is all about.  There are days where there are no views, the trail sucks, you're tired of the food you have, it's raining, and you question why you're even doing this.  Then you get a day like today.

I woke up this morning and hiked over Roan Mountain and got some pretty good views.  Then a few miles later I hiked up onto this gorgeous bald with incredible 360 degree views.  Then another one, and another one, and another one.  Most of today was spent up at elevation with incredible views everywhere you looked.  At a certain point I had to stop taking pictures and focus in hiking, because everything was so amazing.  The weather cooperated and made it a perfect day.  Not too hot, and a nice breeze coming through most of the day.

I was having such a great time I ended up hiking about a mile and a half further than I intended.  I made it to the final North Carolina/Tennessee border.  I've been hoping between the two pretty much since I hit NC.  From here until Virginia it is Tennessee all the way.  That means two states down! Only twelve more to go.

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