Miles Today: 11.6

Mile Marker: 361.8

Today was sort of an off day.  It wasn't really a bad day, or a good day.  More of a meh kind of day.  I slept okay, the weather was okay, and the trail wasn't terrible.  North Carolina has this thing about trail building where they want you to constantly be walking at an obnoxious 30 degree slope instead of level, but other than that it was fine.  Shout out to the Tennessee mountain clubs for their level trail.  I can usually tell when I've crossed back over the border.

I'm living in the freaking mountains right now, but I couldn't get my brain to resonate with how awesome that is.  So instead today was just about grinding it out.  I wanted to make 14 miles today, but my pace was off and by 6:30 I found a flat spot and called it a day.  I'm thinking getting back into the habit of starting at 8:00 or earlier may help.  We'll see if that happens tomorrow.